Crown Chakra - Purple

Third Eye Chakra - Indigo

Throat Chakra - Blue

Heart Chakra - Green

Solar Plexus Chakra - Yellow

Sacral Chakra - Orange

Root Chakra - Red

About Byshayrizzo

Byshayrizzo has been one of Rebecca’s passions for more than 15 years, as she has been creating jewelry and accessories as a stress reliever.  She often finds time to relax with the exploration and creation of new aesthetically pleasing accessories.  As she settles into her studio to create a new piece of art, she channels the artistic nature of our earth’s healing properties, which bolsters creativity in her plight to produce happy and positive products.  Rebecca’s distinct focus, endless commitment to our community, and acting with a purpose have been a critical element in building our community.  Positivity and love is something that the world needs more of, and Rebecca has dedicated herself to building on just that .  The objective of this venture is to give endlessly to the people that she loves.  Byshayrizzo’s Facebook page started so that Rebecca could post her creations to gauge the community’s reaction to her “happy creations”.  Shortly thereafter, other people began to see the value in her work and orders are now flying off the shelves. Following closely behind, event bookings began flooding in.  More recently, Rebecca was asked to be a featured artist at an art gallery located in Idyllwild. 

​“Encouragement and empowerment of others grows the empowerment and strengths within oneself.” 

-Rebecca Rizzo

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